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My name is Chris West, and I'm a tea entrepreneur and owner of the Min River Tea Farm, where I specialise in selling amazing quality Chinese teas grown near my home here in Fuzhou, China. This blog is a personal space where I tend to write about life for foreigners in China, photography, website coding and business.

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I don't have comments enabled on the site, because it's my blog, and these are my thoughts. If you have alternative opinions, then I encourage you to setup and write your own blog.

The cameras I use

I don't have a massive camera or lens collection - it's too expensive and often buying cameras becomes a substitute for using them. I regularly use my Nikon D300, a Hassleblad 500C/M and an Olympus OM1 which is almost as old as I am.

Contact me

If you want to contact me about anything related or unrelated to this blog, please feel free - the best ways are:

Why am I in China?

I first got interested in China and Chinese culture after studying martial arts with the Fujian White Crane kung fu club. I travelled to China with a martial arts research group about 6 times between 2004-2006, taking over 30,000 photographs and hours of videos of authentic, traditional martial arts. After a few years, I decided to move to China, learn the language and extend my knowledge of this beautiful country.

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